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“It’s easy to forget that teaching is holy work.

We forget that building up the intellect,
teaching our children to really think, does not happen by the might of

human reason,
but rather by the grace of God ...”

- Sarah Mackenzie, Teaching from Rest

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Now Accepting Applications
For 2024-25 
Homeschool year!

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Classically Catholic Memory 

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A word from Our Pastor

Dear Friends:

The parish is pleased to offer a new academic cooperative for parents who educate their children at home.  Parents are the first and most important educators of their children.  While schools are usually a useful service to parents in helping them to fulfill this responsibility, a growing number of families have opted to educate their children in a home environment.  Our cooperative is an extension of the home study spirit, serving as a tool to assist parents in providing the most comprehensive education possible, especially in subjects that are more effectively taught in a classroom environment. You are welcome to join our co-op and to take advantage of this initiative for the good of your children.


Fr. Stephen B Reynolds



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